About Oma Living Show

OMA LIVING SHOW brand started as a TV TALK SHOW but has since grown wider and bigger to be a media and social brand engaging in real projects aimed at positively transforming and changing our society and humanity by concentrating on the people that live in and make up the society and humanity.

The brand which is multi-themed is known for tackling nagging issues centring around life, career, business and entrepreneurship, celebrating Unsung Heroes and bringing them to the limelight, soft skills inculcation, training and orientation, as well as values, purpose and character orientation.

Oma Living Show is also known for the following; mental health advocacy and awareness, social campaigns, and humanitarian activities through their foundation called The Right Stage, human capital development, coaching, mentoring and training, entertainment and lots more. Since 2015, Oma Living Show has produced over 50 episodes which is about 4 seasons and is broadcasted currently via YouTube.


Successful Projects and Campaigns

The brand has also successfully carried out several social campaigns such as; The S.A.D campaign (Suicide, Anxiety and Depression) 2018 which provided awareness, education, advocacy and support for these mental health issues that are the leading causes of suicide.

The campaign against Jungle Justice in 2017 to curb the menace and enlighten the public about the need to allow the police and the legal system to do their work and not take laws into their own hands. The campaign on sexual assault 2017. To help curb and reduce the high incidence of rape and other sexual offences that impede human development and endanger lives.

The campaign on domestic violence 2016. The campaign on societal vices 2015 And the ongoing campaign on balance through the Balance network. This is to reach or enlighten millennials on the importance of making adequate time for the various aspects of their lives based on their values and purpose in order to live a more fulfilled life. It is our 2019 campaign. The OMA LIVING SHOW brand is owned by a young Nigerian woman called MARILYN OMA ANONA.

She is an exceptional millennial and outstanding in every sense of the word. She lives an intentional life and purpose is her watchword. She describes the growth of the OMA LIVING SHOW brand as very organic and is convinced that the brand will become a force to reckon with globally sooner than people expect because of the quality of impact made by OMA LIVING SHOW.

Marilyn Oma Anona has 12 awards currently due to various impacts made under the brand OMA LIVING SHOW. The motto of the OMA LIVING SHOW brand is “INSPIRE THE UNINSPIRED” Inspiration is life! The online TV platform where OMA LIVING SHOW is aired is Poshmarilyn TV The OMA LIVING SHOW like every brand has goals… They will be unleashed as we go, stay tuned!

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