Contestants For the Face of OMALIVINGSHOW 2023

FACE OF OMALIVINGSHOW 2023 is powered by the OMALIVINGSHOW COMMUNITY and the OMALIVINGSHOW Human Capacity Development Centre.

For years, the OMALIVINGSHOW has consistently supported young people and the not-so-young to get their lives together and start living through various projects particularly The Right Stage and personal projects by the founder of the brand MARILYN OMA ANONA-USOBUNANDU.

As we evolve as a brand, we want to make things more structured and for people to be more accountable. Therefore, we at the OMALIVINGSHOW COMMUNITY came up with the FACE OF OMALIVINGSHOW 2023!!!

We’ve over 200 entries for the Face of Omalivingshow 2023.

The contest will be in 3 phases and the third phase will have the people who made it to the second phase pitching on the 18th of November 2023 to win the grand prize at the 2023 edition of the Omalivingshow Unsung Heroes Award And Entrepreneurship Conference.

The FACE OF OMALIVINGSHOW is neither a beauty pageant nor a popularity contest. 

It is a contest aimed at empowering purposeful, substantial and accountable young people who will later give back to empower others to keep the community growing. 

Here are the 50 contestants that made it to the first stage. 

The next stage will have only 36 contestants sending in their videos stating how they will give back to the community and the time frame. 

Then the third phase will have the finalists emerge who will now compete in November and be judged live during the conference.

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