It is possible to grow from scratch, and there are many young Nigerians who started from absolutely nothing but through consistency, resilience, intentional living, and lots more…
They have been able to grow visibly and attain stability in their fields even as we acknowledge that SUCCESS is not a destination, but an ongoing thing!

Such is the story of FRANCISCA OSSAI also known as StFrancess Ossai who started her HAIR BUSINESS from dropshipping, jumping buses and all in the busy city of Lagos Nigeria every morning to go take photos of hairs at the different hair shops and stores, sample them for people to buy and then make profit.

FRANCISCA is a university graduate who didn’t sit waiting for a job but decided to create something out of nothing for herself and we admire this.
Today, other Nigerian youths are beneficiaries of that decision by her to become because she is now an employer of labour.

She shared real stories of how she would go from Lagos mainland to Marina, Balogun and all the markets to make contacts with hair and hair extension sellers, learn from them and sell their hairs since she had no money as capital to set up her own yet.

For a day, she never considered the distance, it never bothered her.
She was focused on her goals.
She also never considered the various buses she had to jump on.
She understood that soft life contradicts PROCESS.
She never said; A WHOLE UNIVERSITY GRADUATE LIKE ME, doing this?
She bent down and learnt even from people who had no degrees.
Saving her earnings and ensuring that she puts integrity first in all her deals.

With FOCUS and CONSISTENCY, she started buying hairs gradually selling from her apartment.
Strictly an online store where people order on Facebook and Instagram and she delivers!

When it was time for her to rent a store or shop of her own…
She got a small space which she shared with her friend!

7 years later…
FRANCISCA OSSAI has a big hair store with staff strength of about 10 people who she pays salaries monthly!

Her store is in IKEJA NIGERIA.

She has a following of over 100,000 people on Instagram and over 50,000 people on Facebook.

Hairempire101 which is her company has grown mainly because of the STRONG VALUES they hold dear and the consistency in quality of their HAIRS plus great customer service.

We are very proud of FRANCISCA and we wish her the very best as her company HAIR EMPIRE 101 continues to grow.

FRANCISCA is worthy of emulation.

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