The OMALIVINGSHOW NIGERIA is a very unique brand that is posed to inspire the uninspired.

Since the creation of the brand, this has been going on in various ways through our media works and social projects.

We have the OMALIVINGSHOW UNSUNG HEROES AWARD AND ENTREPRENEURSHIP CONFERENCE which is dedicated to recognising, promoting and awarding business men and women, entrepreneurs and impact makers of Nigerian descent who go BEYOND THE CALL OF DUTY to make impact in the society.
This project has been ongoing since 2018.

We have also through our talk show the OMALIVINGSHOW touched the lives of hundreds of thousands by inspiring them with our contents.

We have carried out several social campaigns, community development projects and social projects all aimed at not just enhancing the quality of Human Resources but also making our society better.

As we grow, we refine our work and intensify our efforts at solving one of the major problems of our society which is HUMAN RESOURCES.

An arm of the brand is specially designated to HUMAN CAPACITY DEVELOPMENT and we are steadily evolving by going beyond mentoring, coaching, training, counselling to materially empowering the members of our growing community.

Every month, we package something to support young purposeful people with.

It has been ongoing though informally not we want to structure it now.

In the month of April…
75,000 Naira was given out!

For May, we gave out 80,000 Naira to a young entrepreneur to support her business.
We monitor and ensure that the winners are accountable.

We want to grow this to the point that the sums will be bigger and more impactful young people will benefit.

To be part of our community is simple…
You need to be registered for our group session!

We are committed to growing a community of well shaped individuals that will help develop our society.

Congratulations to OBUASI GLORIA OZIOMA, the winner of the MAY BUSINESS SUPPORT.



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