Apart from being a NICHE TALK SHOW HOST, multimedia and social entrepreneur, a mental health advocate, public speaker, author, writer, content creator, publicist, PR and communications expert amongst other things…
Marilyn Oma Anona is also one of the best HUMAN PERFORMANCE COACHES Africa has ever produced!

This comes as a natural gift or ability to her but o we the years, she has built her capacity by way of training and practice.
Professionally, she has touched, made impact and transformed the lives of about 50,000 young and Middle aged people directly.

This she has been able to achieve using the social media as a major tool and of course her offline events which are always full of value.

From her projects and what the brand visibly stands for, one can see that MARILYN OMA ANONA is someone who cares passionately about HUMAN RESOURCES, HUMAN CAPITAL and HUMAN CAPACITY DEVELOPMENT.

This is one of the reasons why HUMAN PERFORMANCE comes naturally to her and over the years by virtue of occupying various positions and with trainings formal and informal, she has honed her craft and gets better by the day.

MARILYN OMA ANONA has 22 awards which are natural recognition for her social impact.

In 2020 at the prestigious ELOY AWARDS which took place in Lagos, MARILYN OMA ANONA won an award as the BEST HUMAN PERFORMANCE COACH, a highly competitive category which she effortlessly took home despite being the nominee with the least number of social media followers in that category.
It is important to note that ELOY AWARDS is one of the most credible and reputable awards platforms in Africa.
For reference sake, please check www.eloyawards.com

Apart from this award, MARILYN OMA ANONA has won several other awards and they are all tied to her work and effort to see that humans are the best version of themselves.

On the 26th of August 2021, she was given a certificate of appointment as LIFE AND BUSINESS COACH and also conferred BUSINESS AND INNOVATION AWARD by the CHARTERED INSTITUTE OF EDUCATIONAL PRACTITIONERS UNITED KINGDOM and this is her 20th award.

Marilyn Oma Anona applies the most organic approach when it comes to HUMAN PERFORMANCE COACHING.

But first, who is a HUMAN PERFORMANCE COACH?
A human performance coach is someone who helps people to DISCOVER themselves and their PURPOSE and helps them live in accordance to this PURPOSE and VALUES, ensuring that they are FOCUSED in order to be at their BEST PERFORMANCE and the ultimate goals are;

1. The person’s satisfaction in life in accordance with their values and with a great character in place.
2. Giving their best and being their best at all times leaving no potential untapped.
3. And making impact, solving problems in the society.

The HUMAN PERFORMANCE COACH helps individuals all through their life journey.

And MARILYN OMA ANONA’s approach takes care of or captures the major aspects of an individual’s life.

Some of these aspects are;

1. Character, Values, ideology.
2. Culture, habit, principles, attitude.
3. Awareness, development, growth.
4. Purpose
5. Relationship and spirit of community.
6. Business, Career, skills, finance.
7. Health and wellness.
8. Balance.


For private sessions;
Anyone who books a session is served on the basis of TACKLING TARGETED NEEDS.
The first step is to ASSESS and EVALUATE the person thereby finding out what their need is.

All sessions are not the same for every person.
Individuals have different needs.

This coaching session can be;
1. Online; via chats, phone calls, video calls.
2. Offline; physical meeting with the client.

Marilyn Oma Anona also offers group sessions which she calls PLURAL SESSIONS.
In this case, a theme or topic is chosen and people who have such needs, pay to attend the session.

A group of people (religious bodies, schools, companies, families, market, unions etc) can also book this plural session.
Like the private session, the plural session can also be done;
1. Online
2. Offline

Marilyn Oma Anona not only helps you know you and the reason you are here on earth, she helps you start and also lets you know about the likely hurdles, challenges and adverse situations you might encounter along the way and how to navigate them.


Book a session with MARILYN OMA ANONA.
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