Have you ever attended?

This is the biggest and most credible entrepreneurship conference and award event in Abuja, Nigeria.

An event where we not only bring young entrepreneurs, medium scale businesses and startups in Nigeria, Africa and the world together…
We also recognise and give awards to those of them who have gone beyond the CALL OF DUTY to make impact.

At THE OMA LIVING SHOW UNSUNG HEROES AWARD AND ENTREPRENEURSHIP CONFERENCE, we celebrate impact, purpose, values, character and track records.

The 2018 edition which was the maiden edition was fully booked and content rich.
The theme was MENTAL HEALTH and the campaign was tagged S.A.D (suicide, anxiety and depression).
On this edition, the S.A.D documentary was premiered and that documentary made the event a very emotional one.
The OMA LIVING SHOW brand is big on mental health and has over the years spent time and resources to see that the awareness is made and there is result too.

The 2019 edition which was the second edition was extraordinary. The event was more than well attended. Over 600 people attended the event and it was themed around BALANCE.
Entrepreneurs particularly at the early stage of their journey struggle with balance. Most of us neglect life and focus all energy on the business we are building. This is detrimental to our mental health and over all wellbeing.
That year, the campaign by OMA LIVING SHOW was on balance and the event was themed balance. Again the OMA LIVING SHOW is big on balance.

The 2020 edition …
This edition was small by volume due to the Covid 19 pandemic but was not small in terms of content!
OMA LIVING SHOW does not joke with content .
It was held strictly in adherence to the federal government directive on Covid 19.
This edition was themed; FROM INVENTION TO INNOVATION , the future we need is here!
The covid 19 made reality dawn on most of us.
We were all forced to adapt to the new ways of doing things.
The edition was a grand success.

It is 2021…
This year, the event will hold as always and will be better as always!

We will be starting early enough this year.
Our searchlights are on.

The theme for this year is “MADE IN NIGERIA”.

Since inception, about 90 Nigerian entrepreneurs and people of purpose have been recognized at the OMA LIVING SHOW UNSUNG HEROES AWARD AND ENTREPRENEURSHIP CONFERENCE.

So we have 90 people as alumni.

We will not relent in seeing that entrepreneurship succeeds in Nigeria.

We appreciate every Young Nigerian doing their best to make an impact in the society.
Creating employment .
Solving problems.
Helping to curb crimes.
And ultimately putting Nigeria positively in the global map.

We appreciate you all.

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