Clare Chinagorom Ezeakacha is a content developer, Voice over artist, Mental health Advocate , Child mentor, from being an On Air Presenter to Producing Films and Directing Short films on Rape (ARIMA) and violence.

She is purpose driven and has a passion for mentoring young people. She takes care of children with special needs while also supporting children in rural areas and using her voice as a tool for creating change in her society.

The NGO founded by Clare Ezeakacha promotes the struggle for education and protect rights of the girl child and the rights of children, organize educational seminars to sensitize the youths against vices such as rape and child abuse and raise funds from members, corporate organizations, philanthropists, international donor agencies, and through government support programmes for smooth running of the foundation.

On the 21st of November 2020, Clare was recognised at the OMA LIVING SHOW UNSUNG HEROES AWARD AND ENTREPRENEURSHIP CONFERENCE for her outstanding level of impact in the south west region of Nigeria.
She emerged as one of the winners of the REGIONAL SPIRIT AWARD category of the prestigious and reputable OMA LIVING SHOW UNSUNG HEROES AWARD AND ENTREPRENEURSHIP CONFERENCE 2020.

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