The year 2020 has been a very overwhelming year due to events around the globe like the COVID 19 pandemic which has affected humanity.

Despite this, people and brands have been working and some have even gone beyond the call of duty to help sustain humanity through their activities and actions this 2020.

We are set to as always honour men and women of impact, purpose and character at the 2020 edition of this unique event.

These are the award categories for the 2020 edition of the OMA LIVING SHOW UNSUNG HEROES AWARD AND ENTREPRENEURSHIP CONFERENCE.

Honouree should be a person that has has done so much in different areas of life but not really recognised for their HEAVY IMPACT. In other words, they are often UNDERRATED or overlooked despite their HIGH LEVEL OF IMPACT and the values they create.

A person whose achievements are unacknowledged or little-known.

An unsung hero is a person who has achieved great things or committed acts of bravery or self-sacrifice, yet is not celebrated or recognised.

2. Early Stage Award

The award recognizes an individual whose company or organization has shown great promise and achievement in its early stages. Entrepreneur’s company should demonstrate a likely prospect of profitability. The company should have been in business for five or fewer years.

3. Growth Award

Honourees are recognized for significant revenue growth over a two year period.

4. Innovation Award

Transforming the entrepreneurial dream into the reality of a tangible product or technology that will solve a problem is the first defining benchmark of entrepreneurial success. This award recognizes the best innovation-based products, technologies, systems or practices.

5. Young Entrepreneur Award (under 40)

Honourees must meet the primary entrepreneurial criteria, and they must be under the age of 40 at the time of the nomination deadline.

6. Outstanding Service to Entrepreneurs

Through both personal and professional service, the recipient of the Outstanding Service to Entrepreneurs Award exhibits a strong commitment to helping entrepreneurs in a variety of industries. These honorees provide entrepreneurs with the resources they need to give our community its competitive edge. Examples of candidates would be attorneys, accountants, consultants, teachers and others who work with entrepreneurs.

7. Regional Spirit Award
Honourees should demonstrate commitment to the growth and well-being of the region through outstanding corporate citizenship and promotion of regional ties. Honorees should demonstrate the following:

* Be active in local and regional business groups
* Promote charitable and civic causes
* Work to build the region’s work force and enhance its quality of life.


8. Lifetime Achievement Award
Honourees should demonstrate the following:
Contribution to the growth of businesses in Nigeria.
Provide inspiration to younger entrepreneurs by examples of risk-taking, community mindedness and success. Provide information regarding outstanding achievements in business and in the community at- large, or development of the region’s economy.

9. Role Model Award

Honourees should be people of character, whose processes are very clear and worthy of emulation.
Their personal life and corporate life must reflect character.
The Honourees must be FREE of scandals.

10. Continental Award
Honourees should be people whose works are felt on a continental basis from at least 5 countries in a continent.
And even beyond a continent.

11. Company of the year
Honourees should be companies that clearly stand out in terms of productivity, impact, popularity, value, innovation and solution to problems.

12. Award for Community Development

Honourees should be people or organisations that have devoted their resources to visible and tangible projects aimed at developing the society and making Human Resources better through all forms of empowerment.

13. Award for Charity
Honourees should be people or organisations that carry out charity works for the vulnerable people in the society. They must have carried out a lot of projects with a traceable track record.

14. Award for humanitarian works
Honourees should be people or organisations that have devoted their resources to developing humanity through the promotion of human welfare.


recognises, promotes and builds entrepreneurship in Nigeria and Africa.

All our award recipients, nominees and participants demonstrate the best traits of entrepreneurship, including willingness to take risk, drive, perseverance, business creativity and character.

The event is done on annual basis and was founded by Nigeria’s finest NICHE TV PRESENTER, media and social entrepreneur, mental health advocate, humanitarian and human performance coach MARILYN OMA ANONA.

Marilyn Oma Anona is the founder of the Oma living show unsung heroes award and entrepreneurship conference

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