Marilyn Oma Anona now MARILYN OMA ANONA-USOBUNANDU is a brilliant, gifted and phenomenal multimedia and social entrepreneur from Nigeria.
She is a gifted writer, public speaker, event host, soft skills trainer, human capacity development expert, life counsellor, mental health advocate, human resource consultant , human performance expert and the host/producer of the phenomenal TV talk show “OmalivingShow “ the first private multi segment TV show in Nigeria.
You can watch on YouTube

Marilyn is the FOUNDER of OMALIVINGSHOW LIMITED which has a lot of products like;
– the OMALIVINGSHOW UNSUNG HEROES AWARD AND ENTREPRENEURSHIP CONFERENCE, NIGERIA which is an annual event to promote entrepreneurship and recognise the outstanding people in our country and continent who have gone beyond the call of duty to make real impact in the society.
– the RIGHT STAGE PROJECT, a humanitarian outfit which is focused primarily on HUMAN RESOURCES DEVELOPMENT for young people in our public schools, school drop outs and the less privileged in the society. It seeks to empower and provide lasting solutions to nagging issues in the society.

Marilyn lives for positive impact and is actively involved in trying to ensure that the Human Resources of our dear nation is enhanced for the general good of our society.
And in line with that, Marilyn has led several social campaigns on certain nagging issues all aimed at making our society better.

Examples of such campaigns are;
– campaign against rap e.
– campaign against sexua l assaul t.
– campaign against domestic violence.
– campaign against societal vices.
– campaign against jungl e justic e.
– campaign on balance.
– campaign on suicide, anxiety and depression called S.A.D campaign.
And many more campaigns to come.

Marilyn is the author of 2 great inspiring and thoroughly impactful books titled;

– SELF (the outcome of your life depends on you).
– COT TO CROWN (the graduation of life).
SELF is a self development book that instructs young people to take charge of their lives, create the reality that they want and understand that what they become is 100% dependent on them.
Readers of SELF have testified about the positive impact of the book on their lives. How the book has helped to make them become better or embark on the journey of BECOMING.
SELF is a must have and a must read.

And COT TO CROWN is another self development book that thoroughly illustrates process and the need for every person to undergo the right process in search for a successful and fulfilling life.

The two books are highly inspiring and instructive and every young person should have a copy of both.

Marilyn is definitely not done writing.
Expect more books from her.

Marilyn is a very multitalented young woman and what makes her very fascinating is how she finds the common ground and link between all her gifts.
She is currently working on developing her own TV platform to expand her reach, producing a feature films themed around HUMAN CAPACITY, PERFORMANCE, POSITIVE VALUES, CHARACTER, the right BEHAVIOR AND ATTITUDE, owning an app for her private and group sessions, counseling, training and the OMALIVINGSHOW community, having the most impact HUMAN CAPACITY DEVELOPMENT SESSIONS NATIONWIDE TOUR and advancing her studies in a bid to broaden and enhance her capacity.

Marilyn Oma Anona has 24 awards from very reputable platforms and organizations to her credit which are natural recognition for her positive impact in the society.

She has been featured on almost all Nigerian dailies and magazines example; VANGUARD, GUARDIAN, THISDAY, TRIBUNE, SHE LEADS AFRICA etc.
In addition BBC and on some international media organizations have also featured her.

Marilyn Oma Anona is actively involved in nurturing and helping young people in Nigeria grow through her various seminars, human capital development projects, adverts, promotions and PR etc.
Many businesses, brands and people have grown because of her work and the things she is involved in.

She is the number one promoter of LOCAL CONTENT and every positive thing MADE IN NIGERIA.

On the first of December 2019, MARILYN OMA ANONA received an award from the Nigeria Entrepreneurs Award as the most enterprising media personality in Nigeria 2019.
And on the first of October 2020, received an award from “Ladies of Honour Awards, Nigeria”, on the 15th of November 2020, another award from NIGERIA ACHIEVERS AWARD and on the 29th of November 2020 another award from ELOY Awards as BEST HUMAN PERFORMANCE COACH IN NIGERIA 2020.
On the 26th of August 2021, she was given a certificate of appointment as LIFE AND BUSINESS COACH and also conferred BUSINESS AND INNOVATION AWARD by the CHARTERED INSTITUTE OF EDUCATIONAL PRACTITIONERS UNITED KINGDOM and this is her 20th award.
Since January 2023, Marilyn has received 2 more awards for her immense contributions to the Nigerian society.

Marilyn has hosted and spoken at various top events in different parts of Nigeria and outside Nigeria in countries like Ghana, Rwanda, UAE, Kenya and UNITED KINGDOM.

Marilyn has also worked with and for many reputable Nigerian companies and businesses in various capacity.
Companies can be provided upon request.

Marilyn is very traditional in terms of values and major life convictions. She is very old fashioned and believes a lot in process, the dignity of labour, reciprocity, delayed gratification, truthfulness, the power of time and LOVE.

Marilyn loves the good life and believes that the only way to make it happen is by working very hard to earn the life that you want.

She believes that manna doesn’t fall from the sky and even if it does, people will still need to scramble for it and that is work.

If you want to truly live…
You can’t hat e work!

On prayer…
Marilyn believes that TO WORK IS TO PRAY!

On the 21st of July, 2023…
Marilyn got married making her MARILYN OMA ANONA- USOBUNANDU.

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I pledge to always inspire and make positive impact.

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