Sandra Ulinfoh (Fondly called Zion) is a pragmatic and versatile beautician and skin therapist who turns desolated skin back to life.

She is also the lead formulator and founder of ZEENATURE; one of the leading NATURAL SKINCARE brands in Africa.

And also a Lifestyle Coach and The Founder of .

Sandra said suffered CHRONIC ACNE which maimed her self esteem in the past and killed her dream of becoming a face model.

During that phase, she tried several skin care products and quite expensive prescriptions which never worked but rather aggravated her condition.

Her parents could not afford high quality skin care service and brands, she believed only the wealthy could afford.

In August 2018, Sandra was down with breast crisis from long term use of toxic chemical based cosmetics and this led her to the path of intensive research and trainings that birthed ZEENATURE with a mission to reduce the chemical induced life of today and its negative effects – unveiling the true beauty of the African Skin with exclusive blends of natural ingredients.

Through her brand, Sandra has been restoring confidence and preserving good health with the manufacturing of over 40 standard formulations of skin and hair care products in ranges suitable for different age brackets and skin types.

Her prowess as a pragmatic and versatile researcher in the area of skincare have earned her several ground shaking titles from fans and those who have experienced the unique skincare Formulations; one of which is “The General Overseer Of Skincare”.

Sandra is also multi-talented personality, serial entrepreneur, and Agriculturist.

Her hobbies are researching, making new friends, speaking, blogging, skincare and healthy lifestyle.

She has special skills in marketing and creative writing.

One of her greatest achievements is being able to successfully build a skincare brand with a startup capital of N9,000 (Naira).

In addition, she has been able to empower over fifty youths through skill acquisition to become successful entrepreneurs under the beauty and fashion industry.

Sandra is passionate about healthy living and this has made her organise several health and fitness programmes both online and offline with over one hundred beneficiaries.

She has also come to terms with the fact that it shouldn’t be what the world can do for me, but what she can do to make the world a better place.

She is changing that already with the products she creates to improve the standard of living.

As an extension of her brand, she recently launched a movement to fight against SKIN DEPRESSION; through enlightenment and empowerment of female adolescents.

Sandra and her team are supporting young girls to be happy and healthy in their own skin.

Having a skin problem can prompt intense distress, depression, loss of self confidence and esteem. People spend fortunes in quest to getting a solution to their skin issues and the psychological impact of not getting the right treatment is massive.

Psychodermatologists have discovered that most patients with skin problems like acne, eczema, psoriasis have attempted suicide.

These findings have led her brand to start developing a blog that will provide advice and support materials specifically for people suffering with psychological impact of skin disorders; as well as provide skincare tips.

Her life time dream and ambition, is to be a successful global business owner in the beauty industry, an investor and renowned problem solver in food production and processing to ensure food security; she is passionate about empowering the youth through skill acquisition and creating employments.

Over 90% of chemical ingredients in skincare products are carcinogenic, causes disruption of hormones, infertility and host of other health issues.

With ZeeNature’s skincare, she believes every skin is unique and everyone deserve to look beautiful without posing risk on their health.

At ZEENATURE, they create the channel that makes it possible for them to listen to customers through consultation and understand their needs.

Sandra is inspiring and worthy of emulation.

Facebook: Zion Ulinfoh
Instagram: @zee_natures

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