Dear Tata,
A FEW THINGS WE WANT YOU TO KNOW ABOUT Tatcoin and abitnetwork It is with great pleasure that I write this mail. I want to first of all, thank you for trusting ABiT Network and also update you as regards our road map and direction moving forward. Tatcoin presale finally came to a historic end in the early hours of 8th of June 2020 which was 17 days before the projected end date 30th of June, 2020. Before this, our Seed sale was also sold out in few days of December 2019. As we move forward there are a few things we want you to know:
1. We appreciate you for the trust you have shown the ABiT NETWORK brand right from inception. Our company is built on people which is why we try to have personal relationship with every member of our community. We created the name “Tata” for a tatcoin owner- and “Tatas” for the entire Tatcoin holders. Moving forward we are officially referring to ourselves as Tata/Tatas. This simply means; Tata = “A special person” Tatas= “Special People”. Please feel free to use this amongst yourselves for identity sake.
2. Tatcoin Token distribution will start on 1st of July 2020. On this date, we will notify you through your email and all our social media where to create an account on some ERC20 wallets we will recommend, you will send us your wallet and your token will directly be credited into this wallet then you will start being in charge of your own token. You decide whether to keep or sell whenever the price suits you.
3. We want Tatcoin which you have bought to maintain a strong market price value in the long run, we have decided to cancel our proposed IEO(Initial Exchange Offering) which was supposed to help us raise more funds by selling more tokens to members of the public. We have decided that the remaining 58% of TATCOIN that was supposed to be sold at IEO will be locked up for 2-4 years because we want to reduce the total amount of TATCOIN in circulation so that TATCOIN will have more value.
It may interest you to know that it is actually scarcity and high demand that drives up the price of cryptocurrencies which is why we have decided to by all means keep limiting the total circulating supply and increase our promotions to reach more persons to come to know, buy and use Tatcoin. We need you now more than ever to work together with us to make the Tokens in your possession very valuable.
All you need to do is talk to at least 2 of your friends and family daily about Tatcoin and help them understand, buy and own and use at least $25 worth of Tatcoin. On our own part we will engage more influencers and social media promotions including Radio and television to promote Tatcoin use case.
4. It is important to understand that ABiT NETWORK doesn’t determine Tatcoin price moving forward. Price is controlled by demand and supply by TATCOIN holders. For example Most people bought Bitcoin in 2009 for 1 cent and many are still holding same Bitcoin today as a hedge against infla- tion while Bitcoin is hovering around $10,000 today. Now, imagine their profits. We will encourage you to hold Tatcoin for long term if you can as we will do everything humanly possible to increase adoption. As we go on exchanges don’t be in a haste to get rid of your Tatcoin. There is limited supply.
5. Tatcoin will be listed on External exchanges and also on our personal peer to peer exchange Tatcoin has very strong use cases, so we will see it on many exchanges in due time. Due to the Coronavirus (Covid-19) pandemic, exchanges are slow to list tokens but we have applied to all and submitted every necessary requirements requested and we are hopeful and ready for whenever they are ready to list us.
Until then you can be using our Internal peer2peer exchange for all peer2peer trading starting July.
6. Promotion of TATCOIN has not stopped because we need to make it widely known. The more people know about Tatcoin the more the adoption and the higher the value. At this stage only Tatcoin holders can sell Tatcoin peer- 2peer on all exchanges so we implore you to talk to as many friends as you can.
7. As you know, TATCOIN is a token with many use cases so we will soon be launching 4 platforms for using Tatcoin which are 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. Others.
8. Launch of ABiTReps. We will be launching as a platform that will help us work together with you in promoting all the wonderful products and platforms ABiT Network is Building. We will pay you 90 dollars a month just for telling your family and friends about ABiT Network products whether they buy, use them or not.
To qualify to become a rep you must have at least 30 dollars worth of Tatcoin staked for 3 months on the platform and we will still give you additional 5% of 30 dollars every month withdrawable every 30 days. In addition, top performing reps get a car and all expense paid foreign trips at the end of each business year plus shopping vouchers.
9. TATCOIN save. We will be launching a new project “Save Tatcoin and Earn More”. The save project is a saving plan where we give 5% return on investment (ROI) for staking at least 200 dollars worth of Tatcoin for 6 months or 12 months. This return on investment (ROI) is given to you Monthly. I want to once again thank you for trusting and believing in us. We are very appreciative. Remember you can always reach me personally on Whatsapp through this number +447493824127. Best Regards. Gaius Chibueze. CEO/CMO, ABiT MOBILE APPLICATION LIMITED (ABiT NETWORK).

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