The African millennial visionary popularly called BITCOIN CHIEF.

Most people refer to Gaius Chibueze as Africa’s Pioneer Investor in Bitcoin as he bought his first set of Bitcoin In 2011, 3 years after Bitcoin was created. He is the founder of ABiT Mobile Application Limited, a global Tech Company creating blockchain and cryptocurrency powered solutions with focus on the African community.
The company has so far has about 8 to 11 products (launched and still in the process ) all aimed at providing solutions to the everyday person’s need through the blockchain technology.

Some of these products are;

ABiT Trader: A mobile and web app for learning, buying and selling Cryptocurrencies with a multi coin wallet to store and run easy crypto transactions.
ABiTCrowd: World’s first blockchain powered real estate Crowdfunding platform.
abitdiscountshoppers: A Decentralized E-Commerce Platform with a balance advantage to buyers and sellers where anyone can buy goods at big discounts of up to 30-50% and sellers ship at zero cost to cover discount.

Gaius’s mission is to help people understand the enormous potentials of the internet and how they can leverage the opportunities it offers to sell anything for easy and maximum profit using the power of the new media.

He was a former Senior Adviser on New Media to a Senator at the National Assembly Abuja.

In 2016, he was awarded “Most Popular Nigerian on social media 2016” by the Association of Nigerian Bloggers.
This was due to his project which was to meet his 5000 Facebook friends. Gaius is the first person in Nigeria to make such a move.

Gaius has trained over 1000 persons who are currently making a living by trading Bitcoin and other Cryptocurrencies from the comfort of their homes, using their smartphones.

He has authored several books. Two of his books “How Bitcoin Changed My Life” and “Get Rich Off The Net” are bestsellers which have sold over five thousand copies each on Amazon and other social media platforms.

Gaius is fortunate to have been blessed with two lovely sons Russell Ikemba Chibueze and Chimaroke Ekuri Chibueze..

Gaius is ever willing to inspire and empower his fellow millennials.

On the first of January, Gaius through his company ABiT MOBILE APPLICATIONS LIMITED launched his own cryptocurrency called the TATCOIN.
The tatcoin is a break from the norm as far as cryptocurrency is concerned.
Visit for more information on the tatcoin.

Gaius is an employer of labour and a very outstanding one who cares about the welfare of his workforce.
Currently, he has more than 30 employees.
He is a humanitarian.
He is a visionary.
He is very pragmatic in his approach to doing business.

He has clearly passed through process and still passing through.

Gaius Chibueze in his journey to becoming wrote over 600 proposals seeking for business opportunities, partners and sponsors.
None of them pulled through but he was not deterred.

He is a man of multiple talents but follows through one at a time.

Gaius Chibueze is a multiple award winning entrepreneur and is one entrepreneur you should follow if you want to succeed in your entrepreneurial journey.

He is a leader and a worthy mentor.

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