Marilyn Oma Anona is a multimedia and social entrepreneur.
She is a gifted writer, public speaker, event host, soft skills trainer, entrepreneurial coach, life counsellor, mental health advocate and therapist,  and the host/producer of the phenomenal TV talk show “Omaliving Show “.
She is the CEO of OMA LIVING SHOW and the founder of THE UNSUNG HEROES AWARDS AND ENTREPRENEURSHIP CONFERENCE which is an annual event to promote entrepreneurship and recognise the outstanding people in our country and continent who have gone beyond the call of duty to make real impact in the society.
Marilyn has a humanitarian outfit known as THE RIGHT STAGE PROJECT which is focused primarily on HUMAN RESOURCES DEVELOPMENT for young people in our public schools, school drop outs and the less privileged in the society.
It seeks to empower and provide lasting solutions to nagging issues in the society.
Marilyn is also the HUMAN RESOURCE DIRECTOR AND OVERSEER, ABiT MOBILE APPLICATION LIMITED, a technology company that provides solutions to the everyday person’s needs through various products and services powered by a transactional currency called the TATCOIN which is based on the blockchain technology.
Marilyn has also led several campaigns all aimed at making our society better.
Examples of such campaigns are; campaign against rape,  sexual assault, domestic violence,  societal vices, jungle justice, campaign on balance and the campaign on suicide, anxiety and depression called S.A.D campaign
Marilyn Oma Anona is currently working on developing her own TV platform,  publishing a book and producing a feature film.
Marilyn Oma Anona currently has 14 awards to her credit which are natural recognition for her impact in the society. She has been featured on almost Nigerian dailies, BBC and on some international media.
Marilyn Oma Anona is actively involved in nurturing and helping entrepreneurs in Nigeria grow through her various seminars, human capital development projects, adverts, promotions and PR etc.
Many businesses and brands have grown because of her and the things she is involved in.
She is the number one promoter of LOCAL CONTENT in Nigeria.
 On the first of December 2019, MARILYN OMA ANONA received an award from the Nigeria Entrepreneurs Award as the most enterprising media personality 2019.
Marilyn has hosted and spoken at top events in and outside Nigeria.
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